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About Us

Parsek has been providing professional information technology solutions and digital communications services since 1999. Based in Ljubljana, a team of professionals is serving dozens of important clients and partners in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and beyond.

Parsek has been providing eBusiness solutions in Health, Insurance and Telco domains for more than a decade. To satisfy the needs of our international customers we use a set of enterprise grade technologies and established online products that allow significant diversification from other important players on the market. Our value preposition is founded in the successful digital transformation process implementation with our customers and partners.

Since the very beginning Parsek is relying on enterprise open source technologies in all fields of our engagement. In the last decade our technical specialization related to Java became widely known to all important regional players and is acknowledged by the following partnerships:

  • RedHat and JBoss Advanced Business Partner in 2008,
  • Liferay Enterprise Business Solution provider in 2014, 
  • Oracle Gold partner in 2014 and 
  • Cisco Select partner in 2015.

On the other hand Parsek's standards ensure our clients applications with intuitive user interfaces, supported by advanced business logic and workflows which are tightly integrated to backend and other systems, using Enterprise Service Bus or other integration tools.


    Parsek consists of experts from different fields, who share the same passion: web technologies and digital media. We encourage proactiveness, perfectionism and goal achievement. As a consequence the team is able to reach exceptional results for clients and create passionate end users.

    We believe in:

    • multidisciplinary approach;
    • making decisions based on reason and measurable insight;
    • projects that make strong business sense for us as well as for our clients;
    • using best tool for the job, but preferring enterprise open source technologies;
    • pushing boundaries further and introducing global trends to our local environment;
    • creating mutual satisfaction driven by cooperation, knowledge and understanding

    Parsek's core business challenges are offering high-end solutions via digital communication channels.

    Parsek's aim is to constantly search for effective business models and its wide market application. In order to offer high level service to chosen groups of clients and to maximize the level of profitability, we are focusing on chosen industries where we can maximize our professional output and achieve future growth prospects.

    Parsek's goal is to keep the status of a recognized and reliable regional partner in chosen segments by the most prominent market competitors. We expect further growth especially in the following industries; Health, Insurance and Telco. On the other hand, possessing high level expertise in the field of Digital communications where we have a strong basis of active references, is giving us an important stability and basis for our market diversification.

  • Andrej Rakovec
    Andrej Rakovec
    Head of development group

    My job as a lead developer is to make sure our projects are implemented flawlessly and delivered on time.

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  • Tomaž Hočevar
    Tomaž Hočevar
    Head of User Experience

    I am a user experience consultant with a focus on interaction design, user interface prototyping and usability research.

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  • Matej Železnik
    Matej Železnik
    Head of IT support

    I work as the head of IT support. My job includes analyzing and solving problems, organizing tasks within the support team and coordinating closely with system administration.

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  • Špela Uršič Bensa
    Špela Uršič Bensa
    Project manager

    At Parsek I manage various projects from non-profit to insurance and am actively engaged to contribute my experiences to the evolving healthcare domain.

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  • mag. Peter Mihelj, PMP
    mag. Peter Mihelj, PMP
    Director of strategic operations

    Peter joined Parsek's team in 2003. Since the beginning he was introducing high standards in project management and building professional enterprise web solutions with big added value for end customers.

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  • Sara Stojanovski
    Sara Stojanovski
    Head of project management office

    At Parsek I am responsibile for managing the project management office (PMO) and corporate & product marketing activities. 

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  • Matej Simčič
    Matej Simčič
    Senior developer

    I work as a developer on integration and backend projects. My main role is to develop complex parts of web applications.

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  • Nina Pangerc
    Nina Pangerc
    Head of finance department

    Nina has been with the Company since its inception in 1999 and has ever since managed organizational and financial aspects in various roles and capacities.

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  • Matjaž Čepar
    Matjaž Čepar

    I'm a back-end developer, but also dabble in front-end stuff. My job is dealing with challenges that arise from long running applications.

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  • Nenad Živković
    Nenad Živković
    Head of development

    At Parsek Nenad is Head of developement, with more than 15 years of development experience he is responsible for getting things done.

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  • Martina Lipicer Dremelj
    Martina Lipicer Dremelj
    Head of back office

    I currently work as Parsek’s Head of Back Office, offering support to management and employees, managing human resources, as well as tender applications and certification processes. 

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  • Maja Gruden
    Maja Gruden
    Project Manager

    I'm a Project Manager, working for some major company clients.

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  • Tomo Jarc
    Tomo Jarc
    Senior technical consultant

    At Parsek I work as a project manager.

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  • Špela Grabnar
    Špela Grabnar
    Project manager

    My main responsibilty is managing the digital appearance of a Webshop of the second largest Telco company in Slovenia.

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  • Matija Klasinc
    Matija Klasinc
    Healthcare ICT consultant

    As a medical student I often felt frustrated with ineffective and clumsy medical software. After graduation I put my stethoscope aside and joined the Parsek team as a healthcare consultant to help advance healthcare and medicine.

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  • Metka Harej
    Metka Harej
    Assistant project manager

    I`m a student of  Master Programme in Marketing with an interest in IT communication channels. My job at Parsek mostly includes updating our client`s website content and keeping site pages likeable to the eye of the user.

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  • Gjorgi Markovski
    Gjorgi Markovski

    My job at Parsek is implementing customer issue into a software solution. I am responsible for bug fixing and implementing new features.

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  • Matevž Pavlič
    Matevž Pavlič

    My job is to produce software solutions that will make customers happy. More precisely, I work as a full stack developer improving and extending existing enterprise solutions. 

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  • Gašper Andrejc
    Gašper Andrejc

    Ambitious student with attention to detail and a will to exceed at what I do. Ready to accept any challenge that comes my way, especially if it means expanding my knowledge or exploring the unknown.

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  • Miloš Cigoj
    Miloš Cigoj
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Right now I am the Quality Assurance Manager. My role is to even improve the current high quality level. 

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  • Jernej Legvart
    Jernej Legvart

    I work as a back-end developer with occasional front-end playing. My job is fixing bugs and implementing new features according to the clients' wishes.

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  • Jure Trček
    Jure Trček
    Graphic Designer

    I am a user experience consultant with a focus on interaction design, user interface prototyping and usability research.

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  • Edo Korošec
    Edo Korošec
    Asisstant Project Manager

    I’m Collaborating with developers and designers to make sure that site content, style and layout is fullfilling client’s needs.

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  • Miha Krašna
    Miha Krašna

    My job as a developer at Parsek is to implement wishes and needs of the customer onto an existing project.

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    Cisco is the leader in healthcare connectivity and a catalyst in transforming healthcare based on its industry innovation, participation, and collaboration. Solutions use the existing Cisco Unified Wireless Network to provide hospitals with up-to-date visibility of resources. This lowers the total cost of ownership of the wireless network and maximizes current investments since specialized location readers are not required. Tags and applications from multiple partners are fully interoperable with the Cisco infrastructure to ensure an optimal solution.

  • Medasys


    Over the past 30 years Medasys has become a major player in the healthcare software solutions market. They hold an approximately 40% market share in France for hospitals of 1.000 beds and over and globally 650 private and public institutions use their solutions. DxCare is the privileged work partner of health professionals and places the patient at the hearth of the Health Information System. 

  • NoemaLife


    NoemaLife is an International Group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, and now a leading European name in the clinical and hospital information systems market, known for its development of leading-edge software, advanced research, and excellent customer service. Its solutions help to optimize the healthcare structures at departmental, hospital and regional level, integrating the various aspects of the clinical process across all the main spheres of application:

    • Clinical Services
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Community and Regional
  • Medudem


    The core business of MEDUDEM is the development and sales of a mobile- and web-based software solution that improves communication, interaction and collaboration in the healthcare industry. Next to Care Integrator® as collaborative information service providing synergetic value for all parties in the (health)care environment, MEDUDEM offers specialized consultancy and project management. MEDUDEM concentrates on Life Science & Health Insurance Companies increasing their interactions with healthcare professionals as well as the interactions of their team with (chronically ill) patients, families and friends. Over the years, Care Integrator® has developed into an established and broadly usable Health Collaboration Service.

  • Noser Health

    Noser Health

    With over 30 years of experience as a software engineering company, Noser Engineering AG stands for quality, agility and innovation while contributing to the success of local, national and international companies. As an established partner for innovative, mobile solutions with over 170 dedicated employees, Noser Health is striving together with hospitals and medical practices to shape and optimize patient pathways with digital solutions.

  • März


    März is a successful IT service providers and IT system integrator. For more than 30 years, they have provided companies from all over Europe and all sectors with efficiency-enhancing IT solutions. The März Group has eleven subsidiaries and 30 storage locations as well as a Logistic Center established nationwide. The consistent focus on its core competency services around highly standardized IT infrastructures has made März one of the leading full-service provider.

  • Liferay


    Liferay Portal is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Liferay, Inc. was founded in 2004 in response to growing demand for Liferay Portal, which is characterized by:

    • Proven real world performance with marquee clients across industries
    • Rapid innovation with customer-contributed sponsored development
    • A strong community with roughly 4 million downloads and 350,000-500,000 worldwide deployments
    • Guaranteed SLAs up to 24/7/1 with regular service packs and a five-year EOSL policy
  • Tiani

    Tiani "Spirit"

    Tiani "Spirit" creates software for the healthcare sector based on standards. The company emerged from the former Tiani Medgraph AG to forge a new path in healthcare. They develop reference products based on IHE guidelines. The IHE enables integrated interoperability between hospital systems. We develop and design solutions based on standards (DICOM, HL7, SAML,...) for the healthcare sector. They constantly monitor developments in healthcare technology standards and always employ the latest, appropriate technologies (J2EE, JAVA, BPEL, JSF, GWT, XACML, XSPA, SAML, WS-Trust,...).



    EJADA is a leading IT services & solutions provider in the Middle East & North Africa enabling enterprises to maintain the competitive edge in today's dynamic market. EJADA fields of expertise are:

    • Information System Consulting domain
    • Application Consulting and Customization domain
    • Application Management Outsourcing domain
    • Custom Application Development domain
    • System Integration domain
  • Oracle


    Oracle provides healthcare organizations with the most complete, open, and integrated suite of business applications, server, and storage solutions—engineered to work together to optimize every aspect of their business. Oracle solutions support performance management, best practices, and better resource utilization. Industry-specific applications, integrated clinical data, and service line analysis features ensure lower-cost high-quality care and reduce patient safety concerns.

  • Winmedical


    Winmedical develops an innovative, patented and modular medical device technology for continuous and real-time monitoring of the most important vital signs both in hospital and at home. In particular, Winmedical's WIN@Hospital is the first wireless monitoring system that offers a reduction in costs to healthcare providers as well as an improvement to the quality of life of patients.

  • TBS Group

    TBS Group

    TBS Group was founded in a research environment in the late 1980s as an advanced clinical engineering service provider with a high level of specialization. It provides a complete range of technologies and management services in outsourcing to public and private healthcare institutions. It also offers telecare and telemedicine solutions to favor the diagnostic and therapeutical continuity between the hospital and the territory. TBS Group develops own solutions, provides related services and operates as system integrator.

  • Red Hat

    Red Hat

    Red Hat® is the world's leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux®, and middleware technologies. It represents the bridge between communities that create open source software and the enterprise customers who use it. Red Hat makes the rapid innovation of open source technology consumable in mission-critical, enterprise environments.

    Parsek is an official JBoss Advanced Business Partner.