Jure Trček

Graphic Designer
Jure Trček

What is your background?

Graphic designer.

What is your job at Parsek?

I am a user experience consultant with a focus on interaction design, user interface prototyping and usability research. I bring over seven years of experience in digital marketing to the table, working for clients such as L'Oreal, Danone, Peugeot, Generali, Krka, Renault, Si.mobil, Adriatic Slovenica, etc. My biggest goal is to achieve company's goals by designing websites for human beings.
By focusing on the person using your website I strive to provide an amazing experience that features excellent usability and clean web design.

Why did you choose to work at Parsek?

Doing something tangible always intrigued me. Doing it for people who need it proved a most satisfying experience. Designing for healthcare is challenging as we are designing for experiences that people have never been involved with but challenge is what drives us. I think we are doing a great job.

Why should a potential customer choose Parsek?

I think the most decisive elements when choosing a partner are the people and their competencies. You must ask yourself, can I work with them on a daily basis? Can they solve my problems? Can I count on them? I believe we have proved that to be true numerous times. All else comes later.