Tomaž Hočevar

Head of User Experience
Tomaž Hočevar

What is your background?

After studying marketing & management abroad I finished my study with Bachelor's Degree in Business Informatics in Ljubljana. Being a huge fan of new technologies I got a chance to join Parsek as a project manager. I was responsible for managing projects of different sizes for our largest local as well as international clients. Even though I loved my work, I was always most excited in the phase when we were discussing users and their needs. Soon I got the opportunity to leave project management and focus on things I was most passionate about - and that is making users happy.

What is your job at Parsek?

I am a user experience consultant with a focus on interaction design, user interface prototyping and usability research. I bring over seven years of experience in digital marketing to the table, working for clients such as L'Oreal, Danone, Peugeot, Generali, Krka, Renault, Si.mobil, Adriatic Slovenica, etc. My biggest goal is to achieve company's goals by designing websites for human beings.
By focusing on the person using your website I strive to provide an amazing experience that features excellent usability and clean web design.

Why did you choose to work at Parsek?

Because it's easy to get sucked in by smart, young, fun & goal oriented people, who like to share their know-how with you. Then you have the opportunity to apply the gained knowledge on major international clients. Personal growth at Parsek is a "Never ending story".

Why should a potential customer choose Parsek?

Because we listen, we discuss, we advise. Even if it sounds obvious, we love to listen about your ideas, plans and objectives. Then we select the best solution based on our 14 years of experience working in digital atmosphere.