Tomo Jarc

Senior technical consultant
Tomo Jarc

What is your background?

After the study, I was invited to stay at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science as a teaching assistant, where I also finished the Master Degree. Due to my more practical orientation, I continued the career in R&D of Iskratel, one of world's leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers. I was growing professionally by taking the positions from SW developer to the head of the SW development department in R&D, all the time managing groups of SW developers locally and abroad, and working on large high-tech projects. Before joining Parsek, I was the CIO at the University of Ljubljana. My motto is “listen to the users, try to understand their problems and challenges, and solve them in the best way possible.”

What is your job at Parsek?

At Parsek I work as a project manager.

Why did you choose to work at Parsek?

I have decided to join Parsek because I found in the company the team of the same-minded enthusiastic professionals, who passionately believe in the importance of user experience and the quality of their products. Beside that, I believe we are going to make a big story with Parsek’s product Vitaly.

Why should a potential customer choose Parsek?

Parsek provides the high quality solutions to solve customer’s problems and challenges. For the long-term partnership, it’s also important that the latest technology is introduced into our solutions all the time and our employees are educated in all kind of skills, technical, managerial and in the domain of our markets. This enables Parsek to accompany customers on their journeys in the business world in the future.