Vedran Boškić

Business Development
Vedran Boškić

What is your background?

After obtaining Master in electrical engineering with specialization in Telecommunications I decided to get some "hands-on" international experience. When my career reached managerial position, I recognized the need to do another Master in business administration, which helped me significantly in a business environment and commercial basics awareness.

What is your job at Parsek?

My extensive corporate and international ICT plus healthcare experience, combined with a strong academic background, propounded me to work in Business Development. Parsek strategy is to shift from project to product business orientation and focus on international customers. Both of those goals are part of my mission, apart from sharing experience and knowledgebase to the most advanced technology professionals.

Why did you choose to work at Parsek?

Because I see Parsek currently at the tipping point between being based on small and medium-sized projects. Parsek was born during "IT spring" and from the very beginning, it was recognized as a top quality service supplier, which provides reliability with confidence. Other major reason is strong partnership bonding with several multinational medium and large enterprises from ICT industry, which provides proof of international success recognition. Also Parsek technology orientation for open source is something that for me ensures bright future.

Why should a potential customer choose Parsek?

Parsek has over the years proved to be in command of latest technologies and able to deliver products with added value for customers. Highest level of top technology provider certifications, constant employee training, and improvement, combined with decades of business experience, guarantee business partners with the highest level of service quality. Also, clear vision and strong implementation of Parsek's strategy prevents the possibility of potential misunderstandings.