At Connectathon 2017 we proved that Vitaly is a highly interoperable solution

April 2017

While it is possible to equip a patient with hard copies of each and any document produced, this is  expensive and unfriendly to the environment. All this documentation is difficult to carry from one healthcare organization to another and some of it can be easily misplaced in the process.

This is why healthcare organizations are striving to share their data in a structured electronic way. But to enable this, the data needs to be standardized. That is where we need an IHE.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) organization represents the World’s largest organization devoted to standardizing various ways of communication within healthcare ICT systems. Their IHE profiles represent various clinical information management use cases enabling systems supporting such profiles' better interoperability and seamless exchange of clinical information.

Parsek devoted years to developing interoperable applications, taking into account relevant standards and security. As a result, we developed Vitaly - a care-provider and patient portal. We achieved this by joining the information using standard IHE profiles to gather and to share the data,

To walk the talk and prove our solutions align with the requirements of IHE standards, we decided to join the IHE Connectathon Europe 2017.

Connectathon is an annual event where different IHE-compliant providers meet and connect their systems. Under careful observation of IHE monitors, system vendors are certified their IHE profiles are inter-connectable. If you are a care-provider looking for a healthcare solution, Connectathon results offer a foolproof method of vetting the solutions on offer.

In this market of interoperable solutions, our Parsek Vitaly Health Portal proved outstanding. In this years event it passed crucial patient and document exchange tests with applomb.

We focused heavily on proving Vitaly's capability to interchange data between different healthcare systems. Our profiles successfully cover user assertion, patient demographics, cross-enterprise patient searching, referencing and exchange of patient personal profiles.

With these results, Vitaly has proved interoperable with the following IHE profiles: ATNA, CT, MHD, PDQm, PDQ, PDQv3, PIX, PIXm, PIXv3, XD-LAB, XDS.b, XDS-I.b, XDS-MS, XDS-SD and XPHR.

The tested and approved profiles show Vitaly Health Portal is easy to incorporate and adapt on any IHE compliant solution. This allows for a simple and ready-available integration.