Cross-border clinical healthcare record

The main goal of e-HEALTH project was to enable the exchange of information and documents between patients in Slovenia and Italy in a standard, secure and effective way.


Parsek was selected on a public tender for building cross-border and interregional clinical healthcare record project for strategic project e-HEALTH. Based on Clinical health record platform and interoperability platform previously implemented on the e-HEALTH project, it enables usage of particular medical services in Slovenia for Italian patients and vice versa. This enables sharing of medical knowledge between medical institutions within each country and between both countries. 22 hospitals on Slovene side and 6 on Italian side are included in the first phase of the implementation.


Clinical health record solution (CHR) is based on international healthcare standard: IHE and HL7. It has two main building components: Clinical healthcare record module and Clinical Document Editor for multilingual interoperability. With Clinical health record module a user can search, access, view and manage medical documents in different repositories in user friendly web portal. With Document editor user can create a medical document in CDA (HL7 Clinical Document Architecture) format trough intuitive web portal (example: medical summary) using predefined document template and sign it with electronic signature. Created CDA document is automatically translated to a selected language. For free text fields user can insert English translation or translate it manually. Translation bases on international healthcare standards (LOINC, ICD-10) that E-health partners decided to support. CHR solution is implemented with a high safety and security standard and strong auditing engine. For authentication it uses outside services provided by all the included regions.  

Together with Model-Driven Health Tools (MDHT) and Liferay portal technology it enables user to create, validate and electronically sign CDA medical document in a simple and clinician-friendly editor view.

Clinical health record platform has three main components:

  • Administrative portal: for registration and management of user roles and permissions.
  • Clinical healthcare record module: for search, access, view and manage medical documents in different repositories.
  • Clinical document Editor: for create, validate and sign CDA medical documents.


The solution used on the project is Parsek’s Healthcare Service Buss (HSB) engine that was successfully tested and certified on international European IHE events - Connectathon 2012 in Switzerland and Connectathon 2013 in Turkey.

The Clinical healthcare record platform is compliant with ISO 27xxx guidelines and with national legislation (especially legislation covering traceability, auditing and access to user data).


Prepare project plan and provide project management, design and plan clinical healthcare record concept, design and configuration of information architecture, prepare technical implementation plan, prepare use cases, prepare quality assurance protocol, plan and implement security policy, prepare test protocol, test clinical healthcare record solution, test web portal according to test protocol, prepare demo installation to perform testing, prepare documentation and provide user training, prepare and complete production installation, complete acceptance testing, provide support.

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2013 - Present
CDA, CHR, ESB, HSB, e-health, health, EU, IHE, HL7, ATNA, Connectathon, information architecture, MDHT.
e-HEALTH Clinical healthcare record module is used between two regions of north Italy and Slovenia, connecting 6 Italian and 22 Slovene hospitals.

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