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Cross-border health care portal

The main goal of the AdriHealthMob project was to establish a Web platform to enable exchange of information and documents between medical personnel and patients in Adriatic Region.



The main goal of the AdriHealthMob (AHM) project is to establish a Web platform to enable exchange of information and documents between medical personnel and patients in Macro-Adriatic Region. The project included the participation of partners from the eight countries, which spread from Italy, trough Balkan (ex-Yugoslavia) countries till Albania and Greece. It strengthens and integrates the infrastructure of private and public care centers and promoting the accessibility of Health and Care services on all levels of care.



The solution provided by Parsek is a specialized interoperable health care portal product – Vitaly that connect all medical institutions of AHM project from all participating countries. Portal platform enables to collect and present vital parameters from remote patient monitoring devices, to collect and present data from environmental monitoring devices and collaboration of medical experts. Medical experts are able to communicate with medical experts from all participating countries using embedded secure messaging and vide functionalities provided by Vitaly. They can review remote monitoring data, view medical documentation or open a second opinion case and create a medical summary in a CDA format. Portal platform is built on international standards globally adopted by medical informatics (HL7 and IHE). Consequently the platform allows the integration of partner and other interested medical institutions in a standard way. Portal platform included integration of different Remote patient monitoring providers and platforms and a platform for exchange of medical knowledge and innovative Clinical pathways for medical professionals. Portal platform Vitaly is a modular and intuitive interoperable platform that assures a comprehensive and detailed access to patient's records and effective communication and cooperation between medical workers and patients. Portal platform can manages patient's personal data, gather its vital signs monitoring data, and enable analyzing and managing of this data to better understand patient's condition, define a diagnose and make better clinical decision for better patient care. Additionally it enables creation of second opinion, spread and stimulate collaboration between medical experts. With Vitaly portal platform Parsek was able to achieve all project goals and set an excellent foundation to upgrade and expand it with national and regional cross border healthcare solutions. 

AHM Portal platform is composed of the following modules:

  • Intuitive healthcare portal with open/public and closed/registration only part for presentation of personal and medical data in user friendly and secure way.
  • Integration engine based on medicine standards (IHE and HL7) where medical and personal data is saved and processed.
  • Standard IHE API based on international standard FHIR for integration of remote patient monitoring devices.



Solution used on the project is Parsek's healthcare portal –Vitaly that includes standard security and safety procedures as required by international organizations for a medical grade device. Standard IHE API was successfully tested and certified on international European IHE events. The healthcare portal platform is compliant with ISO 13485 guidelines and with national legislation (especially legislation covering traceability, auditing and access to user data).


Prepare project plan and provide project management, design and plan integrations with partners and medical institutions, design and configuration of information architecture, prepare technical implementation plan, use cases, quality assurance protocol, plan and implement security policy, test protocol, test Portal platform, test healthcare portal according to test protocol, demo installation to perform testing, documentation and provide user training and complete production installation, complete acceptance testing, provide support.

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2015 - Present
Portal, Vitaly, CDA, e-health, health, AHM, IPA, IHE, HL7, ATNA, Connectathon, FHIR, Clinical pathway.
AHM cross border 8 hospitals across Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Albania. The whole Platform covers 100 million of inhabitants. It can process up to 14.000 messages per hour/with a maximum peak of 15 messages /second with a maximum response time of 5 seconds. Innovative Information architecture guarantees within existing set-up a 99.8 % yearly.

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