Cross-border healthcare integration exchange

Parsek was selected in a public tender for building international cross border healthcare integration exchange using Parsek interoperability platform called Healthcare Service Bus (HSB) for strategic cross border project e-HEALTH.


The main goal of the e-HEALTH project was to enable exchange of information and documents between patients in Slovenia and Italy in a standard, secure and effective way. Based on interoperability platform e-HEALTH project aim is to enable the usage of medical services in Slovenia for Italian patients and vice versa. The platform will enable sharing all kinds of medical information in a standard way between medical institutions within each country and between both countries. The actual number of included hospitals on Slovenian side is 22 and 6 on Italian side, which are spread around Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto region.


The solution provided by Parsek is a specialized Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution for healthcare environment that supports IHE profiles and enables cost-effective, fast and safe integration. The reference implementation utilizes ESB architecture and a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design approach to build an Interoperability platform. Parsek’s product named Healthcare Service Bus (HSB) is a specialized ESB product for e-health interoperability projects, built on enterprise-grade open source technology and IHE standards. HSB simplifies integration between various existing institutional information systems and regional/national contact points. It guarantees fast, efficient and standard exchange of medical information, patient data and documents. HSB has an embedded MPI server which is based on standard IHE PIX/PDQ profiles. It is able to merge patients from different patient domains based on custom-defined set of rules. HSB also includes a document registry and document repository, based on IHE’s XDS.b and audit record repository, based on IHE ATNA. Installed interoperability platform consists of three main components:

  • Administrative portal: for registration and sending IHE standard requests for medical documentation from Italian medical institution to Slovenian National contact point. The portal is used by system administrators (for administrating the workflow and settings regarding the Regional Contact point) and, as described above, end users who do not have the capabilities to integrate the contact point into their back-end system.
  • Local generic integration module: for integration of Italian hospital information systems to get information requested by Slovenian health institution.
  • Central HSB IHE core: for management of HL7 messages and documents with specific IHE modules (XDS, XUA, etc.)


Solution used on the project is Parsek’s Healthcare Service Buss (HSB) engine that was successfully tested and certified on international European IHE events - Connectathon 2012 in Switzerland and Connectathon 2013 in Turkey.

The Clinical healthcare record platform is compliant with ISO 27xxx guidelines and with national legislation (especially legislation covering traceability, auditing and access to user data).


Prepare project plan and provide project management, design and plan clinical healthcare record concept, design and configuration of information architecture, prepare technical implementation plan, prepare use cases, prepare quality assurance protocol, plan and implement security policy, prepare test protocol, test clinical healthcare record solution, test web portal according to test protocol, prepare demo installation to perform testing, prepare documentation and provide user training, prepare and complete production installation, complete acceptance testing, provide support.

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2013 - Present
CDA, CHR, ESB, HSB, e-health, health, EU, IHE, HL7, ATNA, Connectathon, information architecture, MDHT.
e-HEALTH Interoperability platform connects 22 Slovenian hospitals across the whole nation and 6 Italian hospitals in two regions. It can process up to 14.000 messages per hour/with a maximum peak of 15 messages /second with a maximum response time of 5 seconds. Innovative Information architecture guarantees within existing set-up a 99.8 % yearly.

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The main goal of e-HEALTH project was to enable the exchange of information and documents between patients in Slovenia and Italy in a standard, secure and effective way.

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