E-ordering and waiting list management

Waiting list platform is a specialized solution that uses Parsek's Healthcare Service Bus (HSB) for integration with hospital information systems and specialized medical information systems (example: RIS, PACS).


General Hospital of Izola within strategic project e-health financed by EU ordered a development of a generic information system for waiting list management with regard to fixing appointments for radiological medical examinations and exchange of medical documentation for doctors and patients. Client wanted to shorten waiting lists for certain types of specialist examinations; increase transparency of appointment scheduling and wait times for the specialist clinics, unify and in turn simplified appointment making, make the work of general practitioners or prescriber doctors and specialist physicians (transition to eBusiness) easier and enable safe and secure exchange of medical documents for doctors and patients. The solution will enable a standard way to manage orders between medical institutions and exchange of documents in between partners of E-health in Slovenia and Italy.


Waiting list platform is a specialized solution that uses Parsek's Healthcare Service Bus (HSB) for integration with hospital information systems and specialized medical information systems (example: RIS, PACS). Waiting list platform simplifies planning and scheduling of time appointments for doctors, nurses and doctors. Moreover it also enables exchange of medical records in standard and secure way between doctors who ordered special radiological examinations and patients. Because of deep integration trough HSB doctor in radiology department prepares plan of appointments directly through intuitive portal. On the other hand doctor who can access these appointments trough intuitive web portal can choose between several options of available examination and together with patient select and confirm an appointment. With this confirmation appointment is set and doctor in specialist department will perform examinations on selected date. There is no need for Patient to move around paper orders any more. Patient has also option to check his appointments in web portal with his username and password. To ease the administration solution supports also different urgency levels and appointment cancelation. After the examination is done, doctor in radiology department saves data in his RIS and image in PACS. When image is saved in PACS, meta document is created and automatically sent to HSB who notifies that medical documentation for this referral is available. Doctor logs in in web portal, checks meta document and trough PACS viewer can access image that is saved in PACS system. If there is no need to check original image, doctor RIS can create medical exam and notified interoperability HSB. In next step doctor who ordered examination is notified and can require this medical document trough web portal using XSD.

Waiting list platform has three main components:

  • Web portal: for registration of users and for management and access of medical documentation (referral, order, medical exam);
  • Waiting list module: for scheduling and planning appointments according medical devices and examinations;
  • Central HSB IHE core: for management of HL7 messages and documents with specific IHE modules (XDS, DSUB, ATNA etc.)


Parsek has successfully tested and certified HSB in last two international IHE events - Connectathon 2012 in Switzerland – Bern and Connectathon 2013 and Turkey – Istanbul.


Prepare project plan and provide project management, design and plan waiting list concept, design and configuration of information architecture, prepare technical implementation plan, prepare use cases, prepare quality assurance protocol, plan and implement security policy, prepare test protocol, test waiting list platform, test web portal according test protocol, prepare demo installation to do testing, prepare documentation and provide user training, prepare and complete production installation, complete acceptance testing, provide support.

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2010 - Present
HSB, waiting list, RIS, PACS, HIS, IHE, HL7, ATNA, DSUB

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