Internet retail banking – BANKAIN

Banka Koper wanted to build an online banking service that could offer a complete range of banking services. Main goal was to distinguish the online service from competition and to obtain new clients.


The new generation of on-line banking should allow for a simple and quick use of all banking services from transaction, through loan, and to investment. The new solution had to apply to the existing system without causing any changes in either the process or the workflow. Additional challenge was to support all banking services with personalised advisory service.


In the initial phase, Parsek took part in the concept of this business model, verifying user requirements and providing specifications. Our scope of work included the design of a user interface for an online branch. Prior to the website launch we designed the site’s architecture, set up the base technology, and set the interface to integrate with all the back offices in the bank. The new online bank is running on jBoss application server infrastructure and jBoss Seam has been used as the application framework. A particular aspect from the technical point of view is the various integration modes (online services, xml integration, direct database integration, data file exchange) with over 10 existing systems.

BankaIN is constituted out of two main components:

  • BankaIN : online banking solution for B2C.
  • CRM Module : for customer management and target marketing.


Banka IN was designed with ISO 27xxx guidelines and with national legislation (especially banking legislation covering traceability, auditing and access to user data) and international banking standards.


Prepare project plan and provide project management, design and configuration of information architecture, prepare technical implementation plan, prepare use cases, prepare quality assurance protocol, plan and implement integration with 10 different existing systems, prepare test protocol, test solution, provide training for administrators, provide training for end users, provide support during information revision procedure, prepare documentation, prepare and complete production installation, complete acceptance testing, provide support.

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2008 - Present
e-banking, BankaIN, Banka Koper, Sepa
Banka IN uses more 50.000 unique users.

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