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Managing For Commitment And Innovation - PVAV


Parsek Company operates in a very competitive industry in the global market, being aware that we can be competitive only with top quality and committed employees, which create an excellent working environment. 

PURPOSE OF THE OPERATION AND OPERATION OBJECTIVES: Improving the competitiveness of enterprises through process improvements and increasing added value per employee in the small and medium-sized enterprises.

Throughout the operation, we plan to significantly improve process management employees through better leadership skills of middle management.

We know that on average 70% of the projects introducing changes fail, so we decided to cooperate with an external consultant who has trained staff and references for implementing changes. In the field of human resources management, we both through better management focused on increasing employee engagement, with the aim to improve productivity, the development of our employees and their balance between work and private life.

For better management employees will have a better working environment, less stress and greater support for further career development.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Costs for outsourced services which will be carried out by Ujemi znanje d. o. o. are co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.

RESULTS: They will be published at the end of the operation.

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