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Multi-parameter telemedicine platform

Zdravstveni dom Izola – Zavod Celjenje ordered a multi-parameter telemedicine platform for their patients with coronary disease, like after acute myocardial infarction or other acute heart disease during pre-defined physical exercise.


In order to assess the extent to which patients comply with the instructions given during the rehabilitation program and the compatibility of the activation of cardiac parameters with restrictions that have been identified during the evaluation function. The solution had to provide secure and reliable portable devices; transfer of monitored data in real time, web portal for analysis of monitored data and integration with existing IS in Dr. Marušič cardiology clinic in Izola.


Dr. Marušič with his associates workout trainers and head nurse prepared a specialized clinical protocol for usage of portable devices for cardiology patients. Clinical protocol included various exercise techniques to stimulate heart activity and help medical personnel with analysis of various symptoms and tracking patient recovery programme. 

Patients met medical personnel once per week and performed workout under surveillance of medical nurse. Parsek with our technology partner Winmedical ( planned, provided and supported completed solution for monitoring patient with coronary disease, like after acute heart disease according clinical protocol from Dr. Marušič. Our scope of work included the selection and testing of portable devices, designs the information infrastructure, definition of security and confidentiality protocol, preparation and configuration of web portal and set the interface to integrate with the information system of Dr. Marušič cardiology clinic. Collected data were available for analysis in real time by the cardiologist and also saved on a server, can be viewed at any time by the patient's doctors and nurses. 

Real time available monitored data enabled medical personnel to instantly adjust workout activities for each patient. For deeper analysis they can access real-time data and check the history of the collected data. Solution is designed full modular and offers the possibility to vary at any time and without the help of specialized technical staff the vital sign sensors depending on the patient clinical needs.

Multi-parameter telemedicine platform has four main components:

  • Portable device: able to track following vital signs: Blood Pressure, 5-leads ECG, Heart Rate, Temperature, Position and SpO2.
  • Provides advanced search in the complete history of monitored data, plus option to view data in real time when further MDD regulation requirement will be met.
  • Integration module: enable standard (IHE, HL7) integration with various information systems in healthcare
  • Access to all history of data and required analysis within Health  care portal Vitaly .


Used portable devices were marked WINMedical Products are marked CE0434 following 93/42/EEC European law.

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e-health, telemedicine, cardiology, portable device, IHE, WINMedical
Prepare project plan and provide project management, design and configuration of information architecture, select portable devices, implementation clinical protocol for cardiology patients, prepare use cases, test solution, provide training for end users, prepare and complete production installation and provide support during workout.

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