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Our award winning charity project for 2015 was created in collaboration with Slovenian Mental Health Association – ŠENT. It was focused on raising awareness and getting people involved on the subject of mental health. Our goal was to create a memorable web experience in order to give a people a glance at what their peers with mental health issues might be facing on every day basis.


ŠENT is the Slovenian society for mental health which strives to raise the quality of life of people in mental distress. It carries out psychosocial programs, employment rehabilitation and creates adapted new jobs for people with mental health issues.


The subject of mental health is complicated and troubling. People with mental health issues are all around us, but try to hide it because of the overpowering social stigma and discrimination towards their struggles, which are not understood as actual illnesses, but rather as a state of mind of giving up on themselves.

We wanted to create website/application which would not simply explain this wrong perception, but actually to present it in a way everyone could feel the struggle, loneliness and incomprehension a person with mental health issues is dealing with on a daily basis.

By making this unique experience we want to get people actively involved and make a worth noting pledge to fight the discrimination against people facing mental health stigma.


The Brez Predsodkov / Prejudice :(: Free website / application gives people a chance to see how it feels to live with mental health illnesses. When arriving to the site, the user is invited to log in using their Facebook account and agree to let the application access their friend list. The application then creates a distorted Facebook newsfeed page based on the user’s profile to show them what it’s like to be in mental distress: they see depressing posts made by themselves and offensive comments from their friends, they receive messages full of humiliation and discrimination, meanwhile everything seems so perfect in the world of their friends, based on what their fake Facebook posts notifications.

All of the content in the application is imaginary, the posts and comments are made up, but they create the look and feel of a social network using names and profile pictures of their actual Facebook friends.

Using this ingenious approach the user was showed a side of social media life they might not have experienced yet. When the user reaches the end of the fake Facebook feed, he is kindly invited to write his/her personal pledge on how they will help battle social stigma and discrimination towards those in need of help.

The webpage also contains useful information and articles on how to get help when dealing with mental health issues and also how everyone can help those who are struggling – let it be your family, friends or someone you barely know. Anyone can take part in anti-stigma program just by sharing a comfort shoulder or listening what the other person has to say.


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