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One of Si.mobil’s main website renewal goals was to establish a strong channel for online sales with a superior user experience throughout the purchase process.


One of Si.mobil’s main website renewal goals was to establish a strong channel for online sales with a superior user experience throughout the purchase process. Taking into account today’s online shopping environment, this was not an easy task. Online purchase behavior has become exceedingly complex, as it can take several days, up to 10 online and traditional media sources and multiple devices (PC, mobile, tablet, TV etc.) before a user concludes a purchase. Since the audience is almost as complex as the purchase process the website needed to be diversified into two web properties, covering two main target groups: Residential (including the Youth segment) and Business segment.


Si.mobil is in process of transformation from merely a mobile operator to a telecom and IT solutions provider, which effects their web properties substantially. This was most notable in the Business part of the website and needed to be reflected in the Residential part as well. Subsequently the vision of new Si.mobil website and web shop was to establish a seamless informational and online shopping journey with the best user experience, resulting in:

  • search engine optimized website
  • fast page load time
  • usable, useful, intuitive, desirable, principled, polished & responsive design
  • rich information about offers and an efficient online self-service support center
  • high customer satisfaction, lower than average cart abandonment rate and call deflection
  • well executed analytics integration to identify, understand, and improve the metrics that drive online business

Si.mobil’s website and web shop were developed in Java and are running on a jBoss application server. They are using Liferay as a portal platform and KonaKart as a platform to serve web shop needs. A particular aspect from the technical point of view are the various integration modes, such as online services, xml integration, direct database integration and data file exchange. The user interface automatically recognizes and adapts to a different sizes of PC monitors as to the majority of mobile devices.


Parsek's role in the project was to formulate a Project Initiation Document (PID), with the objective to: define a proper project management plan, information architecture, technical implementation; prepare responsive user interfaces according to portal platform needs; create SEO optimized content and URLs; plan and implement integration with different internal and external information systems; prepare and execute acceptance test protocol; provide training for administrators and user documentation; prepare and complete production installation; provide support under agreed terms of the SLA and in order to ensure online platform optimization. 

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2013 and 2014 - Present (maintenance and online platform optimization)
The project implementation was finalized in twelve months from the initial phase of concept definition to website launch. The market feedback we achieved has exceeded most optimistic predictions of the Si.mobil Management Board.

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