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As part of a special project with charity organization Zadnje upanje, we contributed to their cause the best way we know how – by developing a website to raise awareness and motivate people to give a helping hand to those in need. 


Zadnje upanje is a Slovene charity organization founded by Valerija Keršlin. It unites a number of devoted volunteers working together to help animals and people in need.  


We approached the founder of Zadnje upanje when coming across their website, which was outdated, saturated with content and in need of renewal. We wanted to help them by designing a simple website with the main objective to motivate any kind of aid – financial, volunteer or material – among visitors. Apart from with the modernization of the website, we also wanted to change the organization’s visual identity, to capture the essence of what it represents.


The visual identity followed Zadnje upanje’s values and joined the following visual elements: a heart, a helping hand and an animal but still keeping the purple color, which carries special meaning to the founder. The main problem of the old website was excess of information and lack of focus, leading us to structure the site in a way that keeps users’ attention on cases and encouraging them to help. We structured the website in a way that emphasizes recent stories of animals and people, who are in need of financial, material or emotional support. It gives the visitors the option to select the story and type of aid, which enables them to contribute in any way they can. As a secondary goal we tried to raise awareness also about the organization its, their wonderful cause and inspiring people behind it.

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Zadnje upanje

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