Ambient Assisted Living Homecare Platform - AALHP

The objective of the AALHP project is to develop an open platform for active aging and effective care of the elderly at his home (Assistance Homecare Platform – AHP). 

The AHP platform will include devices for measuring vital signs, environmental sensors and other sensors placed in the home of the elderly by integrating three key technological innovations: 

  • smart data hub for environmental and other sensor-acquired data
  • software solution for data processing and analytics, based on AI
  • intuitive portal for caregivers, medical and social care staff, family members

 The proposed platform will be based on cloud computing technologies, open data, Internet of Things, smart embedded systems and HPC (High Performance Computing) infrastructure. Environmental and other sensors will measure vital signs (e.g. heartbeat) and provide data to the smart hub for processing and analytics (descriptive and predictive). Extracted information will be communicated to the portal for assisted homecare of the elderly.

The project is carried out jointly with Xlab which will provide the analytics platform for sensor-based and other smart home devices data. Parsek is the coordinator of the project and provider of health portal and data integration platform.

The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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