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National health care portal

The main goal is to provide a modern level of health services with a single entry point, through which it will be possible to access all electronic health services on a local and national level. 



Providing a single entry point through which it will be possible to access all electronic health services on a local and national level, aimed at the following groups of users:

  • Patients and their guardians;
  • Medical staff at primary and secondary level;
  • Administrative staff;
  • Operators of the health system.

The implementation of the activities has enabled a realization of the goals and has provided an adequate basis for dealing with the challenges, which are currently prevailing in the health care system. Establishing a national portal with the initial set of services allows the following:

  • It fulfils higher expectations of persons/patients who want a modern level of health services.
  • It enhances eBusiness as a standard way of working in health care.
  • It increases speed and reliability of communication among providers and between providers and users.
  • It mobilizes adequate resources in the field of information technology and improves the overall quality of health care.
  • It raises the level of accessibility of health services.



By logging into the portal users have a complete overview of the content related to their privileges. At its very basis the portal is designed to present a set of basic assets such as: search engine, online surveys, forums and some other useful functionalities:

  • Single Sign On, authentication, authorization and user management;
  • Integration of the following solutions: ePrescription, eAppointment and electronic health record;
  • Support for electronic signatures;
  • Portal user support;
  • Adjustments for people with disabilities;
  • Module for reporting (for different services and groups of users);
  • Calendar;
  • Module for the preparation and execution of different eTrainings and eLearning;
  • Module for creating and publishing online questionnaires and other forms;
  • Multilingualism;
  • Statistics of the portal usage and results of user engagement;
  • Data access records;
  • Appearance management and personalization of the user interface;
  • Module for publishing and editing news, events and other similar contents.


The information architecture of the health portal is designed in a modular way that allows gradual addition of functionalities, following the principles of the service-oriented architecture.



As a basis for the project implementation, we used Vitaly health care portal on top of Liferay as a technology solution. We designed intuitive user interfaces that adjust for different devices (responsive design) and are aligned according to the institutional brand book. This was followed by a development of numerous portlets, which allowed us to provide or integrate requested functionalities. 

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2015 - Present

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