Patient Access platform for Chronic Patients

The project was carried out in collaboration with COOSS Marche – a social, healthcare, welfare and education services provider and a project partner of the Adriatic Model of Sustainable Mobility in the Health & Care Sector. 


Countless studies have shown that engaging a patient improves disease management results. Putting patients in the center of care encourgaes them to follow the proposed program and to actively participate in their treatment. 



The project objective was to integrate all actors and all process steps in the same place, which is often difficult since the medical staff don’t have the appropriate tools to do so. The tool that can bind the different roles together is a collaborative portal platform with the ability to integrate with different information systems and to give the users appropriate rights to view medical documentation, measurements and the patient’s health record remotely.

The main goal was to implement an integrated care platform that would connect both medical staff and patients in one place, enabling communication and exchange of medical data and documents through a secure online platform.



The Patient Access platform primarily serves patients and their guardians who are being managed by assigned care managers (nurses or other medical staff) or operatives that perform different services for them and coordinate their treatment in the social care process. The portal enables parametrisation of different user profiles to access medical documentation in a safe and secure way.


The Patient Access platform is customized to best fit the patients. It consists of several different modules:

  • Dashboard – an entry point for the logged in users, serving as a landing page with an overview of the whole portal and quick access to other modules, customized and personalized to fit the user’s functional requirements.
  • Messaging - secure and safe communication engine, used by patients to communicate with medical professionals, registered at the portal.
  • Events & booking - helps patients overviewing and creating events and appointments with the proposed slot system. It also enables online ordering of various nursing services. This part is integrated with an external booking system.
  • My record - displays all available information about a patient, from their personnal data, to the medical documents (integration with exeternal sources, according to the international medicine informatics standard - IHE), helath record with a list of patient’s problems, allergies and medication, prescriptions etc. The portal also allows to generate a medical summary for each patient.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring - displays patients’ health indicators like weight, blood pressure, heart rate frequency, oxygen saturation etc. It monitors the data and displays it in charts as well as in numeric values. It enables an overall view of the patient’s health status and more importantly - it helps understand the trend of the data overtime. The platform supports also integrations with external systems to get patient’s data or the measurements can be uploaded also manually by the users with adequate permissions (care managers).


Vitaly platform is integrated with several external systems, in order to ensure a complete solution that is safe and secure and responds to patient’s needs:

  • Identity provider – covers user registration and authentication, compliant with Italian national standards,
  • Care Manager platform – for care managers and operators, to coordinate different services for patients and to manage their own staff,
  • Booking system – for managing events and appointments and for buying different home nursing services or products.


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Patient Access platform for Chronic Patients - 0
2016 - Present
cross border, telemedicine, chronic patients, chronicity, agening population, care management, interoperability, HL7, IHE
Intuitive Health care portal
Increased efficiency
Reduced paperwork
Improved care results

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