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Parsek designs and develops user friendly digital solutions that simplify collaboration in healthcare.

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Connecting the fragmented pieces into a bigger picture

Spearheaded by portal technology, our modular solutions bring flexibility in the currently rigid and fragmented health information picture. Combined with refined collaboration capabilities to increase the level of interaction between professional and non-professional stakeholders, we underline our goal of delivering a better healthcare experience.

  • Vitaly Patient Portal


    Vitaly Patient Portal

    Elevating healthcare administration across the care continuum.

    • Equips patients with 24/7 self-care management tools to actively involve them in the process of care.
    • Reduces risk for false treatments and medication error due to refined patient-doctor communication and optimized pre- and post- ambulatory services.
    • Combines PHR (patient-generated data) with EHR (clinically generated data) for a better overview.
    • Integrates and displays vital parameter monitors.
    • Helps institutions effectively plan their outpatient services.


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  • Vitaly Case Conference


    Vitaly Case Conference

    Encouraging interdisciplinary teamwork of medical professionals among different institutions to increase therapy efficiency.

    • Enables collaboration of experts from different disciplines and organizations.
    • Provides reports in CDA format, ready to be placed in a patient’s health record.
    • Gives remote access to case-relevant data to professionals.
    • Video support improves the collaboration experience of healthcare professionals.
    • Comes with reporting & analytics tools for quality control and cost traceability.
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  • Vitaly Managed Care


    Vitaly Managed Care

    Holistically designed tool that enables personalized healthcare outside healthcare institutions.

    • Provides a clear overview of the care program.
    • Enables continuity of care for chronic and long-term disease patients.
    • Produces a tailor-made healthcare service for managing specific diagnoses.
    • Provides access to relevant patient information and health statuses.
    • Enables the care team and patients to follow therapy compliance.
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  • Vitaly Second Opinion


    Vitaly Second Opinion

    Providing access to best available healthcare no matter where you are.

    • Improves governance over service provisioning.
    • Reduces unnecessary healthcare services.
    • Reduces overall waiting lists.
    • Provides equal access to quality healthcare services.
    • Stimulates efficiency through standardisation.
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What is the value we are bringing to our customers?

Digitalisation of

Effective coordination and communication between patients and professionals. Improved positioning of the institution (retention & acquisition).

Improvement of business processes

Increased compliance and governance when scaling the service. Optimizing the quality of care when having costs under control.

Revenues from digitally enabled customer journeys

Introduction of new billed services. Taking advantage of incentives schemas for introduction of new products.

What is happening

  • June 15, 2018

    The successful launch of LPRES platform at Digital Innovation Summit 2018!

    The successful launch of LPRES platform at Digital Innovation Summit 2018! Together with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and our partners, we have successfully launched ...

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  • July 5, 2018

    Masters of digital healthcare: AOK NO continues Gesundheitsnetzwerk (GeN)

    Masters of digital healthcare: AOK NO continues Gesundheitsnetzwerk (GeN) expansion with highly valued digital service, designed to support women throughout their pregnancy. Together with AOK ...

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What others say

  • Martijn Mol
    Martijn MolCountry Digitization - Healthcare Track Lead, Cisco Netherlands

    Parsek, Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, incorporating Cisco Collaboration Technology in Vitaly eHealth Platform is performing a significant shift within digitisation of healthcare, especially by increasing availability to all relevant health related information on both sides, patients and medical professionals.

  • Tony Schaffel
    Tony SchaffelProgram Manager for Citizen Access, LPRES

    Citizen access to their health and social care record, advice and guidance and lifestyle information is a key objective across the NHS in England. The digital team within the Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care system, are collaborating with Parsek to build a Citizen Access platform – WellPRES – based on their Vitaly Patient Portal. It will be unique in that it will not be tied to one system/hospital but will provide a truly open platform for citizens to engage with their clinician and manage Long-term conditions and lifestyle issues.

  • Andreas Jöchl
    Andreas Jöchl Sales Healthcare Education Research, Cisco Germany

    Video consultation solution built on Vitaly eHealth Platform is enabling patients to receive as much exact information as possible on their medical condition together with most appropriate recommendation where and how to treat it.

  • Stephan Kirchmann
    Stephan KirchmannFounder & CEO, xevIT Net works

    In the growing field of Connected care we found the opportunity to expand our System integration strategy. By delivering Vitaly Patient Portal in collaboration with reliable team of Parsek’s experts, we rounded up our solution offering for most ambitious German customers.

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